Web Console

Design & deploy advanced surveys in minutes. Control flow with embedded logic. Monitor field activity & analyse data.

Design and deploy mobile surveys from the web

Whether you need to configure a simple operations form of just a few fields or deploy a research survey containing extensive branching logic, the intuitive designer includes all the tools you’ll need.

Maintaining language variations is effortless with changes to survey logic and structure synchronised automatically.

Combine a multitude of question types, branching logic and validation
Basic reports and descriptive statistics are generated the moment a submission is received

Access & manage data in real time

Integrated reports allow submissions to be visualised and monitored as they arrive from the field. When more complex analysis is required, data can be exported in standard formats or accessed programmatically via the API.

Data cleaning is restricted to authorised users with a full audit trail maintained to ensure data integrity.

Slice & dice your data, then share the results

Filtering capabilities allow you to segment data based on standard fields such as when a submission was received, which fieldworker captured it, what language it was captured in and many more. You can also create your own filters based on questions taken from the survey itself to generate custom datasets in seconds which can be browsed online, exported or charted.

Want to save your filter to reuse later or share it with a colleague? No problem. You can even configure a report and share it on the web (with optional password protection) to provide access to collected data, whilst maintaining full control of what data are included.

Advanced filtering allows you to segment data based on several parameters.
View submissions plotted on an interactive map.

Integrated mapping

Submissions captured using GPS-enabled handsets are automatically geocoded and plotted on an interactive map. Information overlays can be configured to display when a submission's marker is clicked, presenting contextual information sourced from the corresponding data.

Combining filters with the interactive map enables spatial insights to be gained without the need for complex and expensive third-party GIS products.

Monitor & communicate with fieldworkers

Integrated SMS keeps you in constant contact with your team. Monitor fieldworker activity and perform location lookups on-demand with our SIM monitoring service.

All messages and activity is logged providing a central point of contact for communication and monitoring
Centralise research and data collection activities

A central dashboard

Support for any number of users and granular permission settings means all stakeholders can be involved. Create as many studies, projects or departments as you need and configure roles and access rights appropriately.

Build on previous experience and reduce setup time by reusing previous questions or entire form templates with just a few clicks.