Mobile Application

Intuitive, step-by-step data collection. Hundreds of models are supported representing several billion handsets.

Works on most handsets (including low-end feature phones)

The Mobenzi mobile application is available for Java (feature phones), BlackBerry and Android - offering an enormous selection of handset options, ranging from entry-level feature phones to sophisticated handsets and tablets.

Pick the device that best balances the capabilities you need with the familiarity of the technology and budget available.

The mobile application is supported by most manufacturers including Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and others
Complex workflows can be converted into simple, step-by-step instructions

Easy to use

Regardless of the complexity of the form or survey, fieldworkers simply respond to each instruction one-by-one. Mobenzi Researcher handles skip logic, validation, synchronisation and even complex repeat rules automatically in the background.

And because the application runs on standard mobile phones - it leverages an interface familiar to more than 4.3 billion people.

Capture data without network coverage

Mobenzi Researcher is designed to operate in limited connectivity conditions. Network connectivity is needed to receive survey and form templates and upload captured responses, but fieldworkers can capture data even in the most remote areas. Completed responses are stored on the handset and uploaded automatically when data connectivity becomes available.

Complex workflows can be converted into simple, step-by-step instructions
Select a base language for design and reporting, generate any number of language variants and select which languages a fieldworker can access a survey in

Supports any language

Surveys can be created in any language, even multi-byte languages such as Telugu, French and Arabic. Where available, fieldworkers can select the language they are most comfortable with. Mobenzi Researcher streamlines the logistics involved in generating and maintaining multi-lingual forms.

Capture photos and GPS-coorindates

The ability to capture photographs and location information on supported handsets enhances the validity of data collection and, in some cases, opens up a completely new range of possibilities.

On handsets supporting GPS, Mobenzi Researcher includes the geographic position at which each response was captured providing the basis for spatial analysis and input into a GIS.

Picture of phone capturing photo of a respondent


Organise data collection activities with folders

Larger projects often have a multitude of surveys and forms which need to be captured at different stages. Design the folder structure which suits your requirements to keep things neatly organised for your fieldworkers. Customisable icons provide for an intuitive user interface.

Interact with native applications*

Launch and interact with other applications installed on the handset to access almost any functionality available on the device.

Use this feature to scan barcodes and QR codes, launch web content and display multimedia files such as videos, audio and PDFs. On selected devices, you can even scan and verify fingerpints by connecting a standard biometric scanner. 

*Feature available on Android devices only.

Barcode scanning