Application Programming Interface (API)

Mobenzi Researcher provides a compelling stand-alone data collection solution. By leveraging the API, the core Mobenzi Researcher functionality can be extended to capitalise on the availability of real-time data and a flexible mobile interface.

The API at a glance

The Mobenzi Researcher API allows programmatic interaction with the platform. It supports a rich query interface that allows data captured using the system to be accessed and consumed by other applications without the need for manual intervention.

Third party and custom applications may also manipulate surveys before they are sent to fieldworkers - providing for a range of interactive requirements.

The API provides programmatic access to captured data via a simple and flexible protocol
Configure triggers to notify your systems whenever data is received, modified or removed

Take action based on real-time data

The Mobenzi API allows you to configure triggers which fire when data is received, modified or deleted. Use these triggers to initiate workflows, generate automated alerts, run custom validation or an infinite number of high value activities.

Personalise and pre-populate surveys

Prior to sending a survey to a fieldworker, the API can be configured to notify a third party system. This provides an opportunity to make context-specific modifications and/or have data populated prior to being downloaded.

Using the API it is possible to generate unique "instances" of a survey and personalise each one based on custom requirements - for example generating a follow up survey for a group of respondents with each survey containing previously captured answers.

Deep integration is possible through the flexible survey structure

Build your own forms-based applications

By combining the standard features offered by Mobenzi Researcher with the API, you can deploy your own mobile interfaces which cater to project-specific requirements.

An array of additional platforms available from Mobenzi simplify the configuration and hosting of backend systems for a range of applications in research, healthcare, agriculture, education, financial services, retail and many other environments.

Open Source

Open source projects & developer community

In collaboration with a number of organisations we've developed several open source projects which leverage the Mobenzi Researcher API. These projects - centred around mobile health - demonstrate some of the capabilities possible using the API. We also routinely release code samples to simplify integration for developers.